Thursday, May 12, 2011


It's amazing how we human come to realize the significance of time. Like, who is the first person who decides to quantify something so vague, something you cannot even see.. who decides how many mili-seconds are equal to one second, why 60 seconds make 1 minute, 60 minutes to an hour, 24 hours to a day and so on. It strikes me to why is there such a person bearing to live so painfully, taking the effort of counting these precious moments of his or her life and make it calculable. Why?

But on another perspective, if THAT person decided to be lazy, and not to quantify the time, we won't be able to estimate the time of the day, won't be able to estimate when the day will dawn, and when will the sun set. Perhaps it will be a guessing game where we need to guess when will winter come about, when will summer break in...

And thanks to him (or her), we know how to look forward to certain moments in life, like a well anticipated holiday, or a day to actually meet up with the one you love, the one you longed to see. With each day passing by, you know as the grains of sand falls through the tiny outlet in an hourglass, you know you are inching closer to that day, to that moment, which, is the exact feeling that I have in me now.

It may take just a brief moment to meet and be with someone you love and then the wait begins again, which may be long and difficult. But you know, as the seconds tick by on the clock, the day for you and your loved one to meet again is getting closer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just being so random that i've finally decided to put something up in here. Been MIAed for so long, i've lost count when is the last time i actually spoken my heart out to this so-called public diary. Alot has happened and i guess for this year of LEH-bit, it's a pretty good start. Hopefully its gonna be good for all of you as well. So wish you all a pleasant start for year 2011 and may God bless you all!!

Until when i really have more inspiration,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heartbreaks... is it worth to take it up in the first place?

This year has been a drama for several relationships that the people around are experiencing. Perhaps year of the Tiger, as many fortune telling source perceived as not exactly the best year to put this topic to the test. Emotions flare up in an instant, getting in was quick, exiting it is even quicker..

To 'Comfort' is my next most used action besides the common daily activities. Seeing people break down, shattered, in tears... all this kind of relived the past which I've once gone through..

It felt painless when we go through it.. I guess painless is not the right term for it, instead being numb should be more appropriate. I hear my friend who've been on the rocks recently confessed that, he can feel his heart in so much pain, he has to take deep breaths to fill his lungs. Is that what he really felt? Or is it just an apparent description he can think of to describe the numbness, the emptiness, which suddenly just took up the space which once was filled with happiness, joy, and laughter..

Perhaps it's the risk we have to take to be in love, poisonous as it seems.. inevitable path to take... only to decide how one can face the result, be it good or bad...

Hmm... only time will tell I guess...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


New year, new look?

Centuries ago, there was a man with a vision. He wanted to build a blog with his friends, to let everyone know about the rubbish that they had in mind.. Thus, this blog was created. However, after the blog was up, everyone disappeared! Now the man is back to recreate his vision.. what a load of rubbish this is...

I dunno what to say... i've been MIA for several months now, finally back here and heck, i think i need to change things around abit.. so here i am, not used to the new way to edit the template, so give me some time and i'll readjust things.. until then, brace yourselves..

(MIAed for 7 months, 13 days and 2 hours..)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Its the 4th day of 2010 and guys i wish u all a good year ahead!!

I'll post something real soon once i've uploaded my pictures... :P